In 2022, Ben Higginson started his career at Fairhurst as a trainee engineer. Having obtained only higher and national 5 qualifications in secondary school, he looked to achieve a professional degree with the firm through a graduate apprenticeship starting 2023.

Infrastructural engineering is Ben’s primary role at the Westhill office. He has been involved in significant local projects, such as Chapelton of Elsick and the Grandhome development, providing solutions for roads, drainage and site levels.

Ben has always aspired to pursue a career in engineering. The graduate apprenticeship allows him to obtain experience in an engineering role and gain a deeper understanding of the industry than he would during full-time studies, assuring that he is qualified for the job by the time he reaches graduation. Ben aims to make use of all of the learning resources that Fairhurst has to offer. This includes the library of regulations and standards provided by the firm, as well as frequent CPD seminars.

After the completion of his graduate apprenticeship, Ben aims to continue progressing as a civil engineer and therefore has joined the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), aiming to eventually progress towards chartered status.

My favourite aspect of the job is creating solutions to unexpected problems. I find that it is often interesting to discuss your work with colleagues to ensure that you can provide an optimal design.

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