In September 1972, over five decades ago, Bob’s chosen career as a Civil Engineer began when he joined Fairhurst as a Trainee Technician straight from school. Over the years, he embraced every opportunity for development, constantly adding to his qualifications and skills. His career with the Firm continues uninterrupted with Bob occupying the position of Chairman of Fairhurst, a position which he has held since 2012.

Fairhurst supported Bob’s early engineering career ambitions, encouraging and mentoring him during his formative years while he worked towards successfully attaining his engineering degree and professional status as a Chartered Engineer.

Pursuing progression in his career, Bob’s expertise and leadership qualities continued to drive success for the Firm, leading him to his first senior management position as an Associate in 1989 and becoming Partner of the Firm four years later in 1993. Bob’s combination of business and engineering acumen continued to be recognised by his fellow Partners, who elected him to the Firm’s Management Group in 1999. In 2003, Bob assumed the esteemed role of Senior Partner and ultimately became Chairman in 2012.

Bob is the first to admit that life in Fairhurst is not without its challenges. His resilience and vision have played a pivotal role in steering Fairhurst through challenges, including economic recessions and global pandemics. With his enduring commitment to our values, he firmly believes that it is the overcoming of those challenges that bring the biggest rewards in delivering continued success for Fairhurst.

The success of the Firm can be measured by the significant growth in turnover and staff numbers under Bob’s direction and leadership during his tenure as Senior Partner and Chairman.

Bob’s story perfectly illustrates the professional and personal level of fulfilment which can be achieved in a career with Fairhurst and his career trajectory is a testament to the opportunities and rewards that can be offered to those working in the Firm.  Bob also knows very well the satisfaction which comes from delivering first class engineering solutions to Fairhurst’s clients and ensuring the continued prosperity and professional reputation of the Firm.

While I have undoubtedly enjoyed a long and successful career with Fairhurst, I was also fortunate to have met my wife Lynda when we both worked in the Aberdeen office.

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