Diversity at Fairhurst

We, at Fairhurst, know that progress within the industry is all about people. That’s why we’re working together to build a better, more inclusive and diverse future for engineers and the engineering industry.

Our team of expert engineers is both diverse and driven, and our open, collaborative and inclusive working culture enables us to better serve our employees, our clients and the community.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is respectful, fair and inclusive for all employees. We recognise the value of different perspectives and backgrounds, and we are committed to creating an environment where everyone can contribute and succeed.

As a company, we pride ourselves on building an atmosphere where people feel comfortable celebrating their individual identities and what they bring to the company.

IStructE 2023 Awards

Equal Opportunities for All

We are proud to be an equal-opportunity employer.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we firmly believe that a diverse workforce enables us to better serve our clients and the community.

Our opportunities for apprentices and trainees provide a way into the industry for young, aspiring engineers from diverse backgrounds.

Inclusivity and Disability Support at Fairhurst

At Fairhurst, we recognise that everyone has different needs, and we are committed to supporting our employees in achieving their full potential.

Our aim is to create a working environment where everyone can thrive, which means that supporting you and helping you develop your skills in every way possible is at the core of our work culture.

We’re here to help facilitate your professional development in every way possible, from offering hybrid and flexible working arrangements and eliminating barriers to your success to promoting disability awareness within our working environment.

By implementing a variety of resources and initiatives, we are working to help each and every one of our employees achieve success.