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Naver Bridge

Naver Bridge

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Fairhurst are inviting people to participate in an online public consultation event regarding the proposed marine licence application, which will consist of the development of a three-span bridge, adjacent to the existing bridge over the River Naver, as part of the A836 Naver Bridge Replacement Scheme. More information is available on the link below.

Fairhurst will be holding an online pre-application consultation event on Microsoft Teams on 24th September from 13:00 – 14:00.

Should you want to be notified of our online consultation event (to allow for further meaningful interaction) please email Fairhurst at the below email address. Fairhurst will then be in contact to discuss your availability and operational requirements for these follow up events.

Responses to the consultation can also be made by e-mailing leaving your name, address and comments.

If you can please provide your feedback by Friday 24th September 2021.