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Neptune Energy Park

Neptune Deep Water Test Tank, Shepherd Offshore Limited.

Fairhurst, on behalf of Shepherd Offshore Limited, are submitting a full planning application for a crawler crane and test tank facility within Dock 4 of Neptune Energy Park, Walker and a proposed new quay wall fronting the entrance to Dock 4 and Engine Works Quay. .

Fairhurst considers that the development of the vacant plot will contribute to a positive socio economic impact on the surrounding area through providing a number of direct/indirect jobs during the construction and operation of the site. The proposed works is part of the wider provision of a unique training facility for highly skilled graduates, addressing key skill shortages currently faced by UK industry.

Proposed Development

The development will primarily comprise of a port-side crawler crane including the necessary tracks to allow this crane to manoeuvre and lift heavy loads from vessels berthed in the River Tyne into the proposed test tank in Dock 4. This proposed test tank will enable deep water offshore equipment testing. Additionally, Dock 4 will be partially infilled with suitable fill material. Furthermore, a new quay wall is also proposed fronting the River Tyne extending across the existing Dock 4 gates and engine works quay to the west.

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It is expected that a planning application for the development will be submitted in May 2015. Once the planning application has been submitted a site notice will be displayed and adjacent properties will receive notification from Newcastle City Council. At this stage there will be a further opportunity to comment on the proposals. .

If you have any comments, questions or concerns relating to the proposals please contact Dominic Waugh on 0191 221 0505 or