Our new business structure …. FAIRHURST GROUP LLP

Our new business structure …. FAIRHURST GROUP LLP

Today (1st April 2022), Fairhurst general partnership becomes Fairhurst Group LLP

Fairhurst originated as a Private Partnership and celebrated its centenary in 2002. Although the Firm has traded successfully for many years under this corporate structure, it has become clear that the Partnership Act 1890, which defines the legislation governing Private Partnerships, is no longer appropriate in today’s modern business environment.

As a result, the Partners, supported by a business transformation team led by our Chairman Bob McCracken, have now completed all of the steps and procedures necessary to enable Fairhurst to transfer its entire business to Fairhurst Group LLP as of the 1st April 2022.

There will be no change to our day to day activities, and we will continue to trade under the name of Fairhurst, our registered trademark.  It will be very much “business as usual”, with the only visible change beyond the removal of references to ‘the Partnership’ in our deliverables, being the inclusion of our LLP registration number and registered address on correspondence.

This is a key step for Fairhurst, and one which will strengthen the management of the business, as well as  its competitive service delivery in a structure which reflects today’s business environment.   After 120 years of trading as a general partnership, this change of status will provide Fairhurst with the ideal platform for the next chapter of its business life.