Marta Walejewska

Marta joined Fairhurst in February 2020 as an Engineer.

Marta’s pro-active approach and expertise in structural bridge assessments, inspections, and design did not go unnoticed and she became a Project Engineer in July 2023. Supported by the director in Bridges, Marta was involved in all stages of project work including preparation of bids and tender pricing right through to finite element modelling of complex bridge structures to deliver the project. Thanks to the opportunities and support of Fairhurst, as well as her commitment and problem-solving abilities, she successfully undertook her professional review in April 2023, granting her membership in the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Marta’s technical expertise has expanded further thanks to many project opportunities, which involved highway bridge design on M25, non-linear analysis of a railway metallic bridge and a steel footbridge design check. Currently, she is involved in a major highway dualling project where she is responsible for the design development of multi-span flood relief structures.

Marta enjoys working within the collaborative team at Fairhurst, tackling challenging projects, and mentoring junior team members. She is keen to continue developing her technical skills within the varied Fairhurst bridge projects including inspection, assessment and new design.

Marta’s journey exemplifies Fairhurst’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering professional growth, and challenging individuals to reach new heights.

My experiences at Fairhurst have been instrumental in my growth as an engineer and have provided me with the essential experience needed to achieve my chartership. If you are seeking an environment where you can actively participate in interesting projects, enhance your technical expertise, and receive invaluable support from experienced engineers, Fairhurst is unquestionably the ideal place to nurture your career and aspirations.

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