Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) - River Dee Crossing

Discipline: Transportation

The River Dee Bridge is a 270m long, three-span post-tensioned balanced cantilever box structure, with spans of 75m, 120m, and 75m.

Fairhurst was commissioned by the AWPR CJV to provide Category III design checking services for the AWPR and A90 Balmedie to Tipperty Scheme, a critical infrastructure project to redirect traffic flow away from the centre of Aberdeen including 76 new bridges and 55km of new dual and three-lane carriageway.

The analysis involved a complex construction stage, time-dependent modelling of the River Dee superstructure in MIDAS Civil 3D software, including 21 detailed staged construction sequence checks, modelling of post-tensioned tendons using MIDAS, and checking of Temporary Works. Fairhurst also undertook the independent check of the substructure including geotechnical checks for the bridge piles.

Our deliverables included checking and certifying over 100 drawings, schedules, Structures Design Statement and geotechnical review documents.

Fairhurst’s extensive experience in checking significant bridge works, including such large post-tensioned bridges, and understanding the processes required proved invaluable in delivering the Independent Design Check of this key element of Scotland’s infrastructure.

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