Longman Waste Transfer Station for Highland Council

Fairhurst was originally commissioned by Highland Council to assist in the RIBA 1 & 2 design of this “state of the art” waste processing facility as part of their regulatory requirement to meet the governmental ban on landfilling biodegradable municipal waste in Scotland from 2021.

Laterally, Fairhurst was appointed for RIBA 3 – 7 stages to Morrison Construction, who had been appointed as main contractor on the project.

The facility includes front end materials recycling facilities, with the follow on separation areas and end treatment units which will allow effective recycling of suitable waste materials.

The development was to be located on an historic landfill site which resulting in challenging ground conditions. Extensive site investigations were required to determine de-environmental constraints and to allow an appropriate design to be implemented, which resulted in a piled foundation solution.

Photography: © Morrison Construction Ltd

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