M8 M73 M74

Constructed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this section of the A8 route holds a crucial role in Scotland’s trunk road network, serving both east-west and north-south traffic. This route suffered from significant traffic congestion, coupled with sub-optimal road layouts and junction configurations.

In response to these challenges, Transport Scotland enlisted the expertise of Fairhurst to develop the upgrade of the A8 corridor to motorway standard between Baillieston and Newhouse and to consider further associated trunk road improvements.

The upgraded motorway-standard route effectively segregates strategic east-west traffic from local north-south traffic. Noteworthy enhancements encompass substantial improvements to M74 Junction 5, Raith, and expanded carriageway capacities on both M73 and M74.

Following a competitive tendering procedure, Fairhurst was once again entrusted by Transport Scotland to provide comprehensive design and construction supervision services for the M8, M73, and M74 Motorway Improvements. This ongoing commitment underscores Fairhurst’s continued role in advancing and overseeing the evolution of this vital transportation infrastructure.

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