Net-Zero Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP)

This program of work was developed to deliver new state-of-the-art accommodation to the National Defence Training Estate. It required delivery of 84 accommodation blocks (some single and some two-storey) to replace old, in some cases dating from World War 1, inadequate facilities across the country.

Fairhurst was selected, through a competitive tender process, to lead a multi-discipline design team to deliver new energy-efficient modular sleeping accommodations and ablutions to the UK Defence Estate.

Our services were required to be delivered at 11 sites’, within a 12-month period, to ensure budget expenditures were achieved ‘in year’, as part of a UK Government Fiscal Stimulus drive (in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic).

Experience allowed Fairhurst to bring a wealth of knowledge from the modular sector, enabling insightful advice to be shared with the client through both the pre-contract and tender review stages. Service delivery was dictated by the contractor’s program. Fairhurst quickly adapted strategies to suit these ambitious targets and the pro-active approach and ‘can do’ attitude fostered in our team created the platform for the successful delivery of numerous challenging schemes on time and on a national scale.

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