Oban High School

Fairhurst was appointed to assist in the development of a new-build school in Oban. The proposed development is to comprise a 4-storey L-shaped steel frame structure with associated outbuildings. The development area is located on the footprint of the school’s existing rugby pitch.

Following a detailed review of the previous ground investigation reports, it was established that there was the potential for challenging ground conditions on the new footprint. The site is positioned on the boundary of a deep glacial channel with bedrock near the surface toward the back of the proposed structure and the front position over 20m of poorly consolidated alluvial deposits. Fairhurst undertook a detailed ground investigation including probe and cored boreholes to build a 3D ground model. This allowed a high level of confidence to be attributed to the proposed piling and foundation design – improving project cost certainty.

Fairhurst worked closely with the ground investigation contractor to optimize timescales on site, utilizing the ‘working window’ of the school holidays. The plant for the Oban investigation was scheduled with other investigations in what is a relatively remote and costly area to mobilise to, providing a cost saving to the client whilst achieving the required data collection. Being in regular communication with the contractor meant as the investigation works progressed, operational decisions could be made to adjust the quality of data gathered, without increasing the overall costs.

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