Petit Forestier

This development comprises a three-storey depot for the hire and maintenance of refrigerated vehicles. The new facility incorporates 5 No. workshop bays, office space, storage, a staff communal area, staff car parking including areas for cycle and motorcycle storage, access roads and perimeter soft landscaping.

A multi-disciplinary team within Fairhurst made up of the planning, structural, civil, geotechnical and environmental service departments, worked in collaboration to deliver a fully coordinated design solution for the submitted planning application and to achieve the client’s requirements.

The geo-environmental works consisted of a desk study, site investigation and interpretative reporting to address contamination-related planning conditions and provision of geotechnical information for detailed design and costing purposes. Although the use of traditional shallow foundations did not initially appear possible due to unfavourable ground conditions, Fairhurst proactively engaged with a Specialist Contractor to propose controlled modulus columns, a ground improvement method which increases the bearing capacity of the soils, allowing the use of shallow foundations. The proposals provided the client with a significant cost saving when compared to adopting a piled foundation solution.

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