Project Aquila – Student Accommodation

Located in Bath City Centre the development delivers accommodation for 181 students who attend the local university. A heavily constrained site with an 1800 dia. strategic sewer passing through it and the main Plymouth to Paddington railway line located close to its northern boundary.

Fairhurst led all negotiations with Wessex Water related to the ‘build close’ to licencing, including the scoping of test piling and vibration monitoring, and liaised with Network Rail with regard to BAPA permissions. Due to ground conditions and the need to transfer loads to a level below the strategic sewer, a piled foundation solution was required. The main structure is set over 5 storeys utilising a reinforced concrete frame with flat slabs up to the fourth floor, thereafter and to suit an irregular and complex roof profile and steel frame was adopted. Due to the constrained nature of the site, attenuation of the site’s drainage was provided via a combination of oversized pipework and a buried tank.

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