Project Riley

Situated adjacent to the A1 on the outskirts of Peterborough, the project delivered a new 235,000 sq. ft medium care temperature controlled fruit processing facility, purpose built for the occupier who needed to augment a nearby established facility with this new building to cater for a new product line.

The building is segregated into various task specific chambers, with temperatures kept at between 1 – 12 degrees C. The facility had 3 mobile racking rooms with a 3500 pallet capacity.

The building fabric was constructed using insulated cladding panels with perimeter columns on the outside of the cladding line to maximise floor area within the building. The roof steels support insulated panels, creating a box within a box.

The project has separate foul water drainage networks with stainless drainage gullies incorporated within the floor slab. The networks were designed to cater for a future high care production extension that would allow the occupier to consolidate processing operations.

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