Rutherford Cancer Centre, Liverpool

The state-of-the art centre in Liverpool provides comprehensive cancer services including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy including MR-Linac technology, mammography and ultrasound with high-energy Proton Beam Therapy.

The centre also provides important supportive care beyond just cancer treatments, to help minimise the long-term consequences for patients including physiotherapy, nutritional advice and psychological support.

The new-build cancer centre in Liverpool was particularly challenging due to the incorporation of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, CT, MRI, linear accelerators (LINAC) and proton beam therapy.

Fairhurst developed a lightweight steel framed structure that would meet the operating needs of the hospital, whilst also providing an unhindered operating environment for the specialist equipment (i.e. reduced transmission of floor vibrations and the provision of non-ferrous fibre reinforced concrete).

In order to contain radiation from the LINAC and proton beam therapy treatment, large scale reinforced concrete bunkers were required.

Concrete elements within the bunkers were often in excess of 2.0m thick and required heavy reinforcement to minimise cracking and potential radiation leakages.

Fairhurst were able to utilise their knowledge and experience of both the design and buildability of the bunkers to offer reductions in reinforcement tonnages, bar sizes, lengths and weights, whilst also working closely with the appointed contractor to detail the reinforcement in a manner that would facilitate an efficient installation.

Constant review of the ongoing construction and provision of carefully considered remedial solutions vastly helped to improve the installation programme.