Stockingfield Junction Footbridge

Discipline: Transportation

The introduction of the Stockingfield Junction Footbridge over the Forth and Clyde Canal in Maryhill, Glasgow enhances pedestrian, wheelchair, and cycling connectivity for residents and visitors in North Glasgow. The newly installed cable-stayed footbridge is expected to improve transportation, offering improved access to recreational and employment opportunities in the West End and city centre compared to previous conditions.

Fairhurst undertook the Category 3 independent check for this project.

The bridge is a cable-stayed footbridge and comprises two single-span steel orthotropic decks, each originating from an abutment on the north bank adjacent to Lochburn Road. One 51m long deck crosses the canal to the west to merge with the towpath on the west bank, while the other 53m long deck crosses the canal to the south and connects to the Ruchill east bank.

The decks are suspended by a series of cables connected to a single inclined pylon situated on the Ruchill east bank

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