Stonebridge Mills

Stonebridge Mills is an 1805 Grade II listed former woollen mill conversion of 112 properties. This project involved the conversion of previous mill worker’s cottages, mill buildings, plus new-build two- to four-bedroom homes transformed into contemporary heritage properties, complete with extensive public space hosting wildlife and mature deciduous trees.

A detailed stability analysis was included to the mill chimney to confirm remedial design measures to facilitate development. This indicated that the existing chimney, being tall and slender, failed stability checks to current design standards. This was resolved in a reduction in the chimney height of 10m and use of additional straps.

This site had long been neglected and had explored various development avenues such as commercial, retail, and industrial, none of which proved financially feasible. Leveraging Fairhurst’s expertise, we successfully redesigned the scheme by offering innovative engineering solutions for the pond return and levels strategy, revitalizing the project.

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