Swans Energy Park

The enabling works at Swans Energy Park consist of strategically upgrading and modernising the current quayside and site capacities, which will allow the site to return to operational use, catering for the current offshore market. The improvement works include upgrading 119m of quayside frontage, including heavy load out pad, deeper dredging and landside area.

Fairhurst were responsible for engineering design, environmental, flood risk, geotechnical investigation; marine licensing; planning permission; site supervision; project management; and review and assessing previous reports and preparation of up-to-date feasibility information. Fairhurst also supported the successful purchase bid for the site and secured a £7m public grant funding.

The site’s long historic operation as a shipbuilding, manufacturing, and subsequently decommissioning facility have provided some complications. A unique design of deck slab was required to suit the positioning of bearing piles in line with the existing constraints on site utilising tubular pile sizes already held in stock by the contractors supply chain which shortened the construction programme.

Following the completion of works the site will allow the commencement of vessels and value projects, transferring goods inward and outwards acting as a crucial strategic gateway to the region.

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