In preparation for the Knife Angel’s residency in Taunton for the month of April 2024, Fairhurst were commissioned to carry out a structural survey in the town centre.

The Knife Angel, also known as the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression, is a 27ft tall, 6.5ft wide sculpture, created to raise awareness of the negative effects of violence and aggression in hopes of inspiring positive strides towards change. Created by artist, Alfie Bradley, and the British Ironworks Centre, the Knife Angel is made of ~100,000 knives and blades retrieved from all 43 UK police forces’ amnesty bins. The structural survey was conducted to ensure that its proposed location would be suitable for the contemporary sculpture.

Upon our successful completion and the valuable contributions of the Knife Angel’s other partners, a crowd gathered on 8th April to unveil its appearance in Taunton. As part of the nationwide anti-violence tour, a short ceremony took place outside the Market House, the town’s main shopping area, where the statue will be situated throughout this month.

Photo Credit – British Ironwork Centre

According to the British Ironwork Centre, “The Angel was specifically designed to create social change by helping to raise better awareness of how violent and aggressive behaviour effects our communities, by educating and encouraging youth to renounce violence as a means to solve problems, and by acting as a memorial for those lives lost to these unnecessary actions.”

If you are in the area, take a moment to see the Knife Angel at The Market House, Taunton. The sculpture will move to Weston-super-Mare on 30 April, to be hosted by neighbouring North Somerset Council throughout May.

For more information on structural surveys and other services, please contact your local Fairhurst office.

Photo Credit – Somerset Council

Photo credit – Somerset Council



Photo credit – Somerset Council



Photo credit – Roger Shattock


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