Structural engineering requires a combination of skills and knowledge to contribute to a successful design. Structural engineering is often described as the ‘skeleton to a building’, but at Fairhurst, we see the need for highly trained people to contribute more than just mathematics to a project. Fairhurst engineers are problem solvers, creative people, historians, material experts, team players, cost and programme assistants, innovators, analysis, researchers and sustainability experts; All combined so that our role in a project is to provide solutions that are not only elegant, but they contribute to the whole of the project.

Fairhurst engineers are passionate about their projects. Starting from initial feasibility studies through to the final stages of construction, Fairhurst is engaging and interested in delivering the project. Ranging from small domestic projects through multi-million-pound projects.

We live in a 3-dimensional world, and at Fairhurst, we work in a 3-dimensional world. Our analysis and drawings are created in 3D so we can minimise the materials required. Reducing our designs to efficient and optimum solutions has always been our ethos, this contributes to our commitment to reduce our carbon impact on the built environment.

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