Gender Pay Gap Reports

This gender pay gap shows the difference in earnings between all men and women in the organisation as at 5th April 2020.

We are required to report in six different ways: the mean (average) and median (middle point) gender pay gaps (men versus women); the mean and median gender bonus gaps (men versus women); the proportion of men and women who received bonuses; and the number of men and women in each quartile salary band.

The results for Fairhurst are as follows:

.                                         Mean    Median

Gender Pay Gap             19.1%      22.8%

Bonus Pay Gap               14.8%     28.8%

Proportion of male employees receiving a bonus:            12.5%

Proportion of female employees receiving a bonus:          3.9%.

The proportions of males and females in each quartile band are as follows:

Band      Males    Females             Quartile

A             64.5%    35.5%                  Lower

B             72.4%    27.6%                  Lower-Middle

C             81.3%     18.7%                  Upper-Middle

D             90.8%    9.2%                   Upper


While Fairhurst operates in a historically male-dominated industry, we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the firm.

Principles of non-discrimination are enshrined in Fairhurst’s recruitment and promotion procedures. All recruitment and promotion decisions are made on merit.

I confirm that data contained in this report is accurate.


Ron Bryson

Senior Partner